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Why I Chose Software Engineering

Programming has been something I've had interest in ever since attending computer science courses in community college. Although I didn't stick with it at the time, after exploring a few different career paths, I can confidently say that software engineering is what I want to do.

The primary reason I want to become a software developer is because I enjoy the process. Figuring out a solution to a problem I was stumped on or working my way through a long project and finally seeing the pieces starting to line up are both examples of things that I get a kick out of. Unlike other areas of study, I find myself looking forward to being able to work through assignments and learn more about programming.

Second, working with technology has always been something I've been good at. Whether it was troubleshooting my internet connection so I could play online video games or taking apart my Xbox to fix the infamous red ring of death myself I have always enjoyed being able to solve problems with electronics. I get the same enjoyment from solving an error in my code that I did when I fixed my broken internet so I could play World of Warcraft as a teen. Working with computers feels natural to me.

Coding is a skill that I have an aptitude for and an eagerness to learn more about. More than anything, I believe pursuing a career in software engineering is what is best for me.

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