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My Dev Journal of 2020 (9 Part Series)

1) Hello, DEV 2) Study Plan for 2020 3 ... 7 3) How can I read source code and summarize them more efficiently? 4) Change on study plan 5) Study Log: Reading Vue's RFCs 6) Study Log: Reading Vue's RFCs (2) 7) Study Log: Reading Vue's RFCs (3) 8) What I learned so far by writing 14 posts everyday 9) Change on study plan (2)

This is my first post on DEV.
I will get started my activity by listing up my goals for 2020.

  • Launch my GitHub pages site as a portfolio
  • Post more than one series of posts related to:
    • Vue.js
    • Nuxt.js
    • Web Components
  • Get familiar with Kubernetes
  • Participate in tech conference as a speaker


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Welcome to DEV!

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Thank you for kind guide 😌