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Create your team on HackSquad and win SWAG! 🤯

Hi Community!

With the fantastic atmosphere of Hacktoberfest, we have decided to create Hacksquad.
Hacksquad is here to enhance your Swag, meet with more community members and participate in workshops from our great sponsors.

If you haven't heard about HackSquad feel free to go to the first post of the series.
And register here:

I have opened the building a team option 🚀
But if you haven't, now it's the time to create or join a team! (yes, you can also join a random team)
So just enter here:

I can also help you find a team over Twitter, tweet us and I will retweet you using this link:

Let's do it

What's next?

  • I will clarify the rules for a valid contribution
  • I will let you know about some fantastic live events happening during the month (if you want to learn something specific, just write on the general channel, and I will try to find a speaker for it!)

Love ❤️

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