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re: First of all, would you mind describing better what you meant by "[...] and the market is so tight at the moment,"? I'm a software developer myself...

Thank you for you answer :)

What I ment by "tight market" is that there is a high demand for software developers in Norway at the moment. We know that there is a lot of excellent software developers outside Norway, like you guys here, and some of you would even love to move to Norway, but many companies are looking for those who are fluent in the Norwegian language (mostly due to building their own company culture and because of internal communication, and also the consultant companies needs Norwegian speaking consultants because their clients demand it).

So all the answers I get here, will be useful for us in recruitment, as we work as advisors for companies, and we can help them create an environment and build awareness on what is important, besides competitive salary, to attract software candidates with passion. Nina :)

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