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Discussion on: What do you really want from your employer?

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Guilherme Oderdenge • Edited on

First of all, would you mind describing better what you meant by "[...] and the market is so tight at the moment,"? I'm a software developer myself so I'm curious on another perspective about our industry.

Now, to answer your question about the most important things an employer can offer:

  1. Competitive, expected salary. If developer asked for X, employer pays X / 2, then I think they'll be hired already unmotivated and inclined to leave as soon as an opportunity that pays more shows up.

  2. Organization. Chaos leads to fatigue, which leads to non-motivated people. That said, having clarity on the requirements of a developer's task, concise step-by-step on how to achieve it leads to successful deliveries and developer's happiness.

  3. Recognition. The developer nailed the last sprint? Oh well, yes they're being paid to do so, but paying a beer and sending them a "GREAT JOB!" on Slack in the #general channel doesn't hurt.

  4. Listen. I already worked on two types of companies: those that listen and those that don't. At those that listen, most of the times, for me, were win-win situations. Of course, sometimes we fail on our ideas etc, but "History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.".

  5. Make something different. No matter how great the environment is or how much you make ($), there's always that moment when people hit a wall and there's no more pleasure on the day-to-day work. I remember once, I reported to a leader I had that I wasn't motivated and quite exhausted of my routine tasks and he assigned me to a completely new, challenging, different task. A really unusual one, with different technologies and all. I felt in love again and that meant one more year in that company.

Yeah, I think these are the top five. And between us, nothing a company can't achieve, right? Hope you find something useful.


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Nina Elisabeth Berge Author • Edited on

Thank you for you answer :)

What I ment by "tight market" is that there is a high demand for software developers in Norway at the moment. We know that there is a lot of excellent software developers outside Norway, like you guys here, and some of you would even love to move to Norway, but many companies are looking for those who are fluent in the Norwegian language (mostly due to building their own company culture and because of internal communication, and also the consultant companies needs Norwegian speaking consultants because their clients demand it).

So all the answers I get here, will be useful for us in recruitment, as we work as advisors for companies, and we can help them create an environment and build awareness on what is important, besides competitive salary, to attract software candidates with passion. Nina :)