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Communication in Tech (survey results)

Communication is important, everyone will tell you that, every position will require it in the postings… but how important is it really? And, how are we communicating exactly?

A couple of weeks ago I shared a survey, today we have the results.

About the questions

It should have been obvious the why of the questions, but here we go:

Seniority as far as we understand means that the more you have, the more you are probably gonna spend communicating. If you’re in a manager position, then all the more communicating.

Then we have how we are working. It’s maybe impossible to have face-to-face if you’re fully remote, but does that mean you only use face-to-face when in the office?

Finally, for the required questions… the probable channels of communication and how much of the time they impact.

For the optional ones… my thinking is that maybe age and gender might have some impact on how people communicate. And finally, that type of employment might also show us something (in this case, by the time of creating the survey, I was thinking more about the difference between freelancers vs employed people)

Here are my insights

Up to this point, I had written a few weeks back and here would be where I would pick any insights but…

As you can see… not enough responses to try to have meaningful insight.

So, I just left it open to more answers and to check out the results. If it ever reaches any meaningful number of answers I might revisit it, but feel free to use the results any way you see fit.

If you want to share this survey:

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