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MontiMark - Watermark + Web Monetization

Dev. from Germany. Started with GWT 2010 moved to Angular
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made by Nokol

What I built

MontiMark is a very simple to use image watermarker.
You can watermark your images and gain a reward if people wants to use or download your pictures without a watermark.

Every image will be transformed into a base64 with the watermark on it. To provide good UX , while loading a ghostimage will be displayed (option : default gray)

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If a buyer / supporter / fan oe wants a picture without a watermark he can demonetize it and the image is an normal path.

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Possible improvements

  • Secure downloadable image paths
  • Possibility to remove the watermark without Web Moni.

How to:

Just do :

new Montimark('.selector', 'watermarkpath.jpg');

and you have a sweet watermark

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there are also options of the position and more

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