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Lunacy - Illustration challenge #50DaysLunacy - 7th Day

Dev. from Germany. Started with GWT 2010 moved to Angular
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Hint : I was really bad at arts in school.

My challenge is to create 50 days of illustrations this year. Trying to improve my UI, increase my creativity and use it for UI designs.

Who knows maybe I create the next cool sh** by accident. Chance is high.

I only want to spend 1-2 hours per challengeday for an illustration, it shouldn't be high quality illustrations.

Unconventionally I use Lunacy since I really enjoy that tools and belive in it's potential in the future.(Its free and im not rich atm)

Day 1

Handy people
Alt Text

Day 2

Covid and homeoffice
Alt Text

Day 3

Covid and homeoffice
Alt Text

Day 4

Hands in action
Alt Text

Day 5

Weird and real
Alt Text

Day 6

Corona protesters
Alt Text

Day 7

Weird shape illustrations
Alt Text

How I learn

Im trying to get in touch with the possibilties of illustrations. Youtube helped me with some sketch tutorials.

I really liked this guy

If your know useful sources to get in touch with different techniques you can help me, I appriciate every help

Thats it so far.

Come and begin your improvement with me man

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