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JS-X-Ray 3.0


I have been working every night of the week on a new major version of my open-source JavaScript SAST JS-X-Ray. I've been looking forward to making significant changes to the code for several months now...

Why ?

Because I'm still learning every day and the project has grown quite large since 2.0.0. Also when I started the project I lacked a certain rigor in the way I documented the code (and also on some speculations).

It became necessary to make changes in order to continue to evolve the project.

So what's new ?


npm i sec-literal
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I started to work on a package to analyze ESTree Literals and JavaScript strings. This is a very important part that could be separated in its own package (which simplifies my documentation and testing).

Some of the features of this package:

  • Detect Hexadecimal, Base64 and Unicode sequences.
  • Detect patterns (prefix, suffix) on groups of identifiers.
  • Detect suspicious string and return advanced metrics on it (with char diversity etc).

It's a start... I plan to extend the features of the package in the coming months (but also to re-invest some time in documentation and testing).

new project structure


Still very far from the perfection I imagine but it's a good start. The code had become messy and it was almost impossible to reason properly.

The new version is now much easier to maintain and evolve. I will surely continue to improve it for the next major release.

More documentation, more tests

I took advantage of the refacto to reinsert a whole set of documentation and unit tests. It also allowed me to fix a number of issues that had not been resolved in version 2.3.

Obfuscation detection is hard

I knew it! But I swear to you that it is much more complex than anyone can imagine. I had to rewind my steps several times.

But if there were no challenges it wouldn't be fun.

ESM Import evaluation

Version 3 now throw an unsafe-import for import with javascript code evaluation.

import 'data:text/javascript;base64,Y29uc29sZS5sb2coJ2hlbGxvIHdvcmxkJyk7Cg==';
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For more info:


Nothing incredible for this new version. But the project continues to progress step by step and I hope to be able to add a whole bunch of new detections by the end of the year.

Best Regards,

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Good job Thomas 👏 👏 👏 !