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SDL2 Update

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Where have I been?

It makes me glad when people enjoy my articles and it makes me frustrated when I can't deliver my articles on time. Originally, I was taking a break because I needed a rest from making articles.

The processing of making articles

The way I create my articles is to code while I also write. Something that I'm sure many of you have noticed is the frequent refactoring of code or needing to add a line or two of code for some functionality to correctly work. The reason for this is simple: because I code along with the creation of a new article, sometimes I miss something in the code that needs to be reflected in the article. Of course, I could simply go back, scratch the section with the missing information and redo it, but, to be honest, I can be lazy. Laziness isn't the only factor for this. Another goal I had in mind was to release articles daily. If I had to constantly go back and redo a section because I forgot something in the code, it felt I wouldn't get to release an article on that day. It's also a contributing factor to why I took a break.

From now on, I plan to first add the code that needs to be done then create the article. This way I know my code works in advance and we don't need any more annoying "Oh I forgot something!" sentence.

When is the next article going to be released?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm busy with other obligations that need my attention. Also, I'm not even sure I want to continue the series after I complete the Pong clone. When I first came into the series, I had the plan to explain enough of the library for you to get on your own. Now I'm not sure if my articles are of any help to anybody. I'm not sure if I'm explaining everything enough. I'm not sure if it is well articulated for people to easily understand.

If you want me to continue this series after the Pong clone, then leave a comment expressing your desire for me to continue.

Happy coding!

Discussion (3)

ebbyplay profile image

I really do enjoy your sdl series. I'm not a beginner when it comes to programming but I'm new to C++. I've seen a couple tutorials for sdl now. But your's is killing it!
Thank you very much. And I love the way you make a conversation with yourself ^^.

noah11012 profile image
Noah11012 Author

I'm glad that you enjoy my content. Unfortunately, I don't post much as I used to and this rings especially true for the SDL series. Hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of thing.

ebbyplay profile image

The good thing is that your content went far enough for me to be able to finish the game by myself :)