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Get To Know About Proxycurl.


Without a doubt, we are living in a new era of large data-driven corporations. Gathering rich data about people and businesses has been a huge task over the years.

Proxycurl has made it easier to build and scale data-driven applications on people and businesses without having to worry about scaling a web scraping and data-science team.

What is LinkDB?

A comprehensive database of LinkedIn members and companies

LinkDB is a complete LinkedIn dataset of people and companies that allows you to easily, efficiently, and legally integrate the vast sea of LinkedIn public data into your business applications.

If you are a mid-market company with at least 50 employees in the US or Europe, or if a reputable VC funds you for at least USD 1 million, LinkDB may be a good fit for you.

LinkDB is a Postgresql database containing 117 million public Linkedin profiles. LinkDB is a completely managed and up-to-date database of public Linkedin profiles.

Who is LinkDB for?

  1. Sales/marketing Automation of prospecting

LinkDB can help you automate your sales process by powering your LinkedIn prospect searches.

  1. Candidate search for recruitment

Find the ideal candidate from a comprehensive dataset of LinkedIn profiles of people in a specific region of interest, allowing your HR department or company to spend less time and money sourcing potential employees.

Training and investment analysis, Artificial intelligence models for investment analysis
To gain significant alpha against your peers, use data metrics such as how quickly an employee count is growing to make investment decisions.

How to do a Simple Sample Search Queries on LinkDB

LinkDB requires a basic understanding of SQL, JSON query functions and operators, and SQL/JSON path expressions. Let us begin with a simple example.

  user_data->>'first_name' AS first_name, 
  user_data->>'last_name' AS last_name
  FROM profile
  LIMIT 10;
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Find Me All computer scientist In California

To find all the computer scientists in the database, you would write:

    user_data->>'first_name' AS first_name, 
    user_data->>'last_name' AS last_name,
    json_path_query_first(user_data, '$.experiences[*] ? (@.ends_at == null && @.title == "computer scientist" && @.location_California").title') AS title
FROM profile
WHERE to_tsvector('simple', used_data) @@ plainto_tsquery('simple', 'computer scientist')
  AND user_data @> '{"experiences": [{"ends_at": null, "title": "computer scientist", "location_California"}]}';
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The query above employs text search and JSON path syntax. Making use of a more SQL-like pattern.

Find Me All Google Employees

To retrieve all employees of Google, you write the following SQL query:

    user_data->>'first_name' AS first_name,
    u_data->'last_name' AS last_name,
    json_path_query_first(user_data, '$.experiences[*] ? (@.ends_at == null && @.company_linkedin_profile_url == "").title') AS title
FROM profile
WHERE to_tsvector('simple', user_data) @@ plainto_tsquery('simple', '')
  AND user_data @> '{"experiences": [{"ends_at": null, "company_linkedin_profile_url": ""}]}'
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Who is LinkDB For?

We sell LinkDB to middle-market companies with at least 50 employees in the United States or Europe, or startups funded by reputable venture capital firms for at least USD 1 million.
If you are interested in LinkDB and your company falls into one of the categories listed above, please contact proxycurl.

The LinkDB dataset

The LinkDB dataset has been divided into regions to provide flexibility in terms of usage and size. We have several types of data snapshots. They are as follows:

1. People profiles - 170+MM profiles of people in the United States
2. People profiles - 8.7 million profiles of Canadians
3. People profiles - over 876000 profiles of Israelis
4. People profiles - 15+ million profiles of people in the UK
5. People profiles - 1.7+ million profiles of Singaporeans
6. People profiles - 6 million profiles of Australians
7. People profiles - 1.5 million profiles of people in Ireland
8. People profiles - 1.5 million profiles of New Zealanders
9. People profiles - 9.2 million profiles of people in Germany
10. Company profiles - 17+ million global company profiles
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Aside from the countries listed above, we have an expanding list of datasets from other countries. Please contact us for a breakdown of our services.

You can find the complete schema of people's companies' profiles in our API docs under Person Profile Endpoint and Company Profile Endpoint.

Proxycurl API is a set of tools designed to act as plumbing in your application for both fresh and processed data. We act as a fully managed layer between your application and raw data, allowing you to focus on building the application rather than scraping and processing data at scale.
You can use Proxycurl API to

  • Search for people -
  • Search for businesses -
  • E-people's profiles -
  • Enrich company profiles
  • Look up contact information for individuals and businesses.
  • Determine whether an email address is disposable.

If you want to experiment with the dataset in your local development environment, we've provided some sample data here. Load the sample dataset into a relational database and use the sample queries above for inspiration.

How We Keep LinkDB up to Date

Each time a real-time API is made to scrape a Linkedin profile, we update the dataset with the results of the API call. This means you wouldn't have to worry about stale data because this method keeps data on LinkDB constantly updated to the count of (up to) millions of profiles a day.


Our prices are typically in the five-digit range per data segment. We do not share price quotes to avoid a pricing war.

Instead, we provide a general price range, and I will direct you to test the finer points of our product, such as data quality or API standards.

And once you are certain that our product is right for you and that our price point is within your budget, we will begin the negotiation process.


It has been a pleasure reading this article about proxycurl and its services.

It may interest you to know that the right dataset can greatly benefit your business or applications.

LinkedIn is a great place to find information about potential customers, businesses, investments, and trends. Are you a mid-sized startup looking for a complete LinkedIn dataset?

Proxycurl is at your service.

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