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Njeri Cooper
Njeri Cooper

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How to Git?

My Method: Nod and Shut Up

This weekend, my tech mentor addressed my folder structure on Git. (My working directories are trash, yo). He gave me pointers on how to tidy things up. I took notes and nodded in response stating that I'll incorporate these changes immediately although mentally I was in a state of "wtf?". I have no clue what terms like "checkout" and "merge" look like yet but thank Buddha for Google. What is your favorite Git resource? Help a sis outttt.

Update: I’ve learned how to structure the branches, but I’m still getting used to committing/checking out to each one. How long did it take you to master Git?

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James Perkins • Edited

git cheatsheet resource This in my opinion is one of the best resources on the internet.

To get more indepth with what each function does git book

If you were working on open source I would just tell you to use gitKraken which IMO is the best git client in the universe.

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Tyler V. (he/him)

1) This cheatsheet is amazing

2) Everything else here is on point 🔥