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Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)
Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)

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These newer programming Languages could be the future

It is commonly said that one "dog year" is equivalent to seven "human years". Sometimes I feel like programming years are like "dog years", so let say a dog lives 15 years; in this article i will like to list some of the note worthy languages of the past 15 years and links to their official documentation. Here is my list in no particular order:

  1. Rust 2010 Rust Docs
  2. Dart 2011 Dart Docs
  3. Julia 2012 Julia Docs
  4. Swift 2014 Swift Docs
  5. Kotlin 2016 Kotlin Docs
  6. TypeScript 2012 Typescript Docs
  7. Ballerina 2017 Ballerina Docs
  8. Crystal 2014 Crystal Docs
  9. Nim 2008 Nim Docs
  10. Zig 2013 Zig Docs
  11. Elixir 2011 Elixir Docs
  12. Go 2009 Go Docs
  13. Red 2011 Red Docs
  14. Perl 6 2015 Perl 6 Docs
  15. Ceylon 2012 Ceylon Docs

So there you have it, how many of these have you used, and what would you add or remove from the list?

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