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Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)
Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)

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Is programming hard? ...The way I see it.

Many people are interested in the tech field, but they have one question: how difficult is it? I pondered about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that programming is as difficult as male-female interactions. Consider this: if you approach someone you're interested in and they reject you at first, it doesn't imply they won't accept you later; nevertheless, you'll never know unless you try. So the best approach to finding out if programming is for you is to dive in and don't give up because you can't install a software package or your first few lines of code are producing an error; it could simply be playing "hard to get."

Lovers spat

Let's imagine you've scaled through your first few lines of code; just know that no matter how smart you are, you will encounter a bug at some point. It is similar to how a couple, no matter how in love they are, quarrels from time to time. Most of the time, it's just a miscommunication. So, if you write code that the compiler or interpreter doesn't comprehend, it will throw a large error, which is normal; that's part of the learning process. There are numerous programming forums, such as Stack Overflow, that can assist you in resolving your problem. However, it is preferable if you can locate someone more experienced in that language than you who can offer you some time so that you and your beloved code can get to couples' counseling.

I love them all I want them all

Just as some people must be perplexed by the dating pool due to the various attractive girls and handsome males they encounter, an aspiring programmer may be perplexed by the numerous programming languages and frameworks available. The truth is that you must decide what you want to learn each time, or you will begin to mix them up. just as a boy might start calling a lady by another girl's name. More importantly, you must understand a language and a few of its frameworks in order to create a comprehensive production-ready work. If you keep jumping from language to language framework to framework, you may never settle on one and build a family, oops I mean an app.

Obsessed with looking young

Have you ever met someone who is so preoccupied with looking young that they appear to be younger than their children? Some frameworks are so preoccupied with upgrades that a major version is released every six months. They might even launch a new version while you are still learning. So, at the very least, avoid these frameworks at the start of your learning journey. Beginning with such frameworks might be a perplexing experience.

Finally, avoid learning a dead language or framework, and avoid asking YouTube or Google if the language is dead. Find out how many job possibilities there are in it and how much they pay.

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Very educating

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Jennifer Eze


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Elmeri Keitaanranta

”avoid learning a dead language or framework” These days a framework is alive for about 2-3 business days.

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Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)


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I want to say only one thing its depends on the person if he/she is willing and wants to play with the tech then it will be very easy.

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Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)

Yeah it helps