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Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)
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Front-end vs Back-end vs Full-stack Developers

The front end of a website refers to the elements that you can see in your browsers, such as the navigation bar and the way that content is displayed. Front-end developers deal with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and their corresponding frameworks to make sure that content is presented well and that users have a great time. (Bootstrap CSS, Tailwind CSS, Foundation CSS, React js, Angular Js, Vue Js etc are all included in front end programming).

The back end of an application is the portion of it that sits on the server. The back end saves and serves program data to make sure the front end has what it needs. This process can become quite difficult when a website has millions of users. Back-end developers use programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, and Ruby to interact with data.

A full-stack developer has the ability to manage both the front and back ends. They possess expert front-end and back-end tools for building application interfaces, or the component of the application that users can view, as well as for doing the logic and data manipulation necessary to make the interface function.

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