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My experience in Taskforce Bootcamp so far

niyodusengaclement profile image NIYODUSENGA Clement ・2 min read

The taskforce is an Awesomity program (in partnership with Code of Africa) to upskill talented software engineers.

It’s more like a movement, an evolution born out of the need to create talent where it was previously thought not to exist. The Task Force is Awesomity’s effort to develop a solid and talented pool of software developers and product designers right here in the heart of Africa.

The taskforce Bootcamp also is an opportunity to create new connections with other people and get to learn from each other in this career of software development.

I have experienced many things not only in software development but also in DevOps and communications skills.

The following are a few of many area keys I've experienced during this Bootcamp so far:

  • Communication: With CoA, we have the sessions of leveling up our communication skills which help us to know not only to give a message but also to communicate effectively and professionally.
  • Culture’s Values: I really liked the session we had about our values and matching them with company values, it helped us to prioritize important things in our life
  • Best practices: Even though we all are developers we have different code styles, at Awesomity they showed us the best practices to follow so that it can be easier for other developers to read and review our code.
  • DevOps: Before I applied at the Taskforce, I was only focusing on writing code and push codes in the server the old way manually. In this first week, we learned a lot about dockerizing our project as the best modern way to ship our project.


The Taskforce program is more than just coding, it's an opportunity to learn more about communication, and working on a project as a team, and follow up the project from build, test, up to deployment, and maintenance.

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