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Help me get familiar with Tailwind CSS


Are you an expert on Tailwind CSS? a more casual user or beginner? or simply curious about it like me?
In any case, I'd like your help!

I'm working on a huge new version for Agrippa, which is essentially an open source tool for generating frontend components without the boilerplate (kind of like supercharged snippets, but even greater 🀩).
Seeing as Tailwind is already used in many teams today and it's only becoming more and more popular, I thought it could be beneficial to many if Agrippa had first-class support for it - and it's a great opportunity to learn more about a trending tool, too πŸ˜„

My immediate question is, therefore, more about the practical patterns of tailwind than the idea of it, and most particularly - in a project that uses Tailwind CSS, what does your typical component look like? what are your "must-haves" for such a component? is there any boilerplate that could be automatically generated for you, saving you time?

Of course, it wouldn't be interesting to limit the discussion just to that, so let's talk about Tailwind in general:

  • What sold you on Tailwind?
  • Which of Tailwind's features do you use most and which do you not use?
  • Do you have any tips to share about using it?
  • Do you struggle with any of its aspects?

Personally, I always thought Tailwind's alternative method to writing CSS is problematic, and would cause problems down the line in terms of clarity, scalability and maintainability. However, seeing enough talented people in large teams praise it convinced me to reconsider!

I'm really hoping to hear everyone's experiences and bits of wisdom about Tailwind!

If you prefer talking on Twitter, let's discuss it there!
Or, if you'd like to contribute to Agrippa's effort to support Tailwind directly, we'd love to hear your voice on our GitHub issue!

Thank you and have a great day!

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