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My secret stack to deliver powerful GraphQL apps like experts

I already knew the power of Postgres and its PL/pgSQL programming language (simple and fast). But it has been game-changing when I discover Postgraphile. Suddenly I was able to develop beautiful APPs offering exceptional UX.

Step by step, I end up having a full backup stack that I consider the best tech stack for applications. The reason is simple, I just integrated together the best of the open-source world:

  • Postgres: The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database.
    • Function: To build custom logic.
    • Trigger: To trigger functions on data changes or events.
    • pg_cron: To schedule function execution regularly.
    • REST requests python package: to call any REST API.
  • Postgraphile: Fastest GraphQL API server for PostgreSQL.
  • Passport JS: Simple authentication for Node.js.
  • Unified Authentication: User gets a session that works for requests AND subscriptions.
  • Nodemailer: A module for Node.js applications to allow easy-as-cake email sending.

Bottom line

This full backup stack that I called Agoston allows me to build anything, integrate any API and scale large while ensuring the best performance that a database can offer thanks to Postgres.

P.S. I also launched a managed Agoston backend stack that you can test for free. Thus you can immediately get the benefits without the hurtle of implementing it! Give it a try here! :)

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