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Chad is a C# developer who is focusing on building backend tools utilizing SOLID and .net core.


Masters In Information Security


Software Engineer at Global Payments

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I'm looking for work!

Demystifying Methods and Functions in C# - When should I use them?

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Create your first game using Unity and C# – Part 2 Creating your first script to handle player movement.

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Create your first game using Unity and C# - Part 1 Getting your environment set up and importing some art.

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What I learned in 10 weeks of trying to teach myself how to touch type.

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12 tips, tricks, and Visual Studio 2019 shortcuts to increase efficiency - Part 1

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How to use Visual Studio 2019 to access and check in code to GitHub in 15 minutes

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Let’s build a basic Blackjack App using C# and the Console Part 1 - The Design

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7 essential tips for the developing developer!

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Visual Studio: How to Quickly Instantiate classes

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7 Tips to get into IT without experience

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