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Introducing Bloggy: The Open-Source Blogging Platform Built with Python and Django

Today, I am excited to take a giant leap forward in my journey by open-source the codebase of my blog stacktips is now available on GitHub.

Check out the codebase here.

It is built using Python and the latest version of the Django framework. I am no expert in Python, but this is my attempt to master the language and framework.

Key Features

Along with tons of features aimed at enhancing the development and blogging experience.

1. Signup and Login: Seamlessly create your account and log in to access exclusive content.

2. Magic Link Sign-In: Forget passwords! We've streamlined the login process with magic link sign-in.

3. Create and Publish: Share your knowledge with the world by creating and publishing articles, courses, and quizzes effortlessly.

4. Customized Admin Dashboard: Manage your content efficiently with a user-friendly admin dashboard designed with you in mind.

5. Sitemaps: Enhance discoverability with built-in sitemaps that improve search engine ranking.

6. Webmaster Notifications: Get noticed! StackTips automates Google and Bing webmaster notifications to ensure your content reaches a wider audience.

Why Open-Source StackTips?

I believe in the power of collaboration. By open-sourcing my blog codebase, I invite the developer community to contribute, improve, and build upon our platform.

This isn't just a blog; it's a collective effort to create a resource that truly serves developers.

Get Involved!

Are you a developer looking to enhance your skills, share your knowledge, or simply be curious about the inner workings of a developer-centric blog platform? Now's your chance!

Want to contribute right away? Check out the issues section.

Join us on GitHub and contribute to the Bloggy project:

Let's shape the future of developer blogging together.

Happy Coding!

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rain_37 profile image

Thank you for sharing it. I hope this project can grow enough to replace the current horrible blogging platforms that are popular today. I can't contribute at the moment but I want to point out 2 small graphical bugs that are easy to fix:

1 - the horizontal scroll appears on the home page for some margin or padding that goes outside the container.
2 - in articles, the author's biography is not responsive and does not allow reading (it cannot even be scrolled)

Image description

Image description

nilan profile image

thank you. I will log these issues

praise002 profile image
Praise Idowu

I will start this and contribute once I do some Django practice.

nilan profile image

Thank you. Looking forward to 👋

taqui_786 profile image

Do you really Paying money for writting Blogs ?

nilan profile image

I do for exclusive articles that are written and published on