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Generative AI in QuickSight

Problem Statement

In the era of widespread integration of Generative AI into daily routines, businesses must ensure that their business intelligence (BI) tools and reporting mechanisms are capable of leveraging this technology effectively. While there are numerous BI solutions available, only a handful offer the functionality and customization required to keep pace with evolving AI capabilities.


QuickSight stands out as one such solution. However, leveraging QuickSight to empower non-technical users to meet their BI requirements autonomously remains a challenge.

To use Generative AI (aka Q) capability, you have to upgrade the current quicksight subscription to enterprise solution (the topmost tier).

First, you Create a Topic and select the dataset for which you want to enable this capability.


Then **Configure the dataset **for Generative AI. here you give friendly names to your columns and make sure preassigned synonyms cover all possibilities.


And also the Review field configurations (role of the column, default aggregation, etc).


There will be a hinter that will guide you through the process. Once that is done, the Fun part begins.

Now you can play with Gen AI and ask Amazon Q all reasonable questions that can be asked about the topic dataset. In the GIF below, I asked, “Find all tickets where representatives shared PII by ticket status and month.” Then, I converted it into a bar chart and fixed the group-by query that Q got incorrect. The more queries you try, the better Q will learn from them and improve.


Now that you’ve got that cool query tool all set up, it’s time to make it accessible to your end-users. You can leverage existing analyses linked to the relevant data and integrate this new topic seamlessly. By publishing it as a dashboard, you provide an intuitive interface for end-users to interact with the data effortlessly.


You can also just embed the search bar into your web application.

Trying Amazon QuickSight Q

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