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Nikolić Stjepan
Nikolić Stjepan

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Log 1 - Building my first SaaS

Today on my to-do list is to choose customers for my first SaaS product.

While I keep my expectations low, I also want to use my skills to make someone happy.

So I decided to choose a group of underserved and often ignored people.

My customers will be...retired people!

They have time and money. I know what you think; they are older and don't use the web that much.

But I have seen with my own eyes how active they can be in Facebook groups when someone posts something that interests them!

They are here, and they want to be part of the community as the rest of us.

The goal of my first startup will be to make that happen!

I have a target audience and goal; next on the to-do list is to develop some ideas!

Do you have some ideas? Can you share and help me?

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