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YAGNI - News

Originally published on my blog.

What if you stopped watching TV?

More specifically 'news' on the TV. I don't have anything against an occasional movie or a show (hell, I do it myself), but I don't think watching TV news is the best time investment one could make ('world' news on the Internet fall in the same category).

I heard a cool abbreviation for CNN the other day: Constantly Negative News. IMHO, this goes for almost any other channel, be it red or blue or whatever 'color'.

If the world was ending, you'd probably learn that from your neighbor.

What if, instead, you spend that time reading the news from your particular field or industry, or what if you watch an educational documentary? See which one brings you more benefit on the long run.

This is why I write these 'daily thoughts' posts.

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Alejandro López • Edited

This isn't mentioned enough. If you have a look at MSM you'd assume we're constantly on the brink of a collapse. Every. Single. Day.

This is not to say that one should live under a rock and simply not care, but to remember that there is more to life than always being up to date with every single minor occurrence of whatever. Do stuff that you genuinely enjoy.

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Nikola Brežnjak

I totally agree with you Alejandro, and am glad there are others who feel the same 👍

I read somewhere that, historically, we're at the most peaceful time in history. But, open any news channel and it'll be as you said.

Take care 👋