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Nikola Brežnjak
Nikola Brežnjak

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Writing well

Learning to write well is a skill that will come useful no matter the industry.

Originally published on my blog.

This is why I write these 'daily thoughts' posts.

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Luke Shiru

Please, post the full post here in DEV. If you read the terms:

  • Users must make a good-faith effort to share content that is on-topic, of high-quality, and is not designed primarily for the purposes of promotion or creating backlinks.
  • Posts must contain substantial content — they may not merely reference an external link that contains the full post.

If you only want to promote your content, you can do it using the listings option in DEV.


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Nikola Brežnjak

I know it may sound weird, but that indeed is the full post. Backlinking didn't even cross my mind. I can totally remove the link if the owners want.