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Do You Even Toot? – Mastodon for Developers

It's been almost two years since I started this thread.

Since then, I've found quite a lot of interesting topics and developers to follow. Despite the comment section Mastodon is still thriving and attracting users who wish not to be poisoned by a toxic cloud.

Toxic Cloud meme from Fallout series

The user experience and federated community spirit of the Mastodon also drove me to quit Twitter. I still do cross-post there using a 3rd party integration bridge but I haven't otherwise felt the need to look back.

Round 2

How is the general Mastodon appeal after a couple of years? Obviously, it won't kill Twitter, but not every social network need to be a killer of something.

Have you jumped the ship? Are you posting to a well-known instance or running your own?

I am which you can also find in my profile. If you need invitations or any help in getting started with Mastodon, let me know!

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Ben Sinclair

I haven't "jumped ship", but I do use Mastodon more than I use Twitter. I see Twitter pretty much as another instance, just one that doesn't federate properly :)

Twitter is useful for existing friends or keeping up with a few spots of news I don't get anywhere else. Mastodon is for meeting new people and being... social, I guess.

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Yeah a post about mastodon!

I'm on mastodon since 2016 and I really like it their. I can found at But beware, I am posting a lot in German.^^

If you like to join you can look here: to get an right instance for you and an overall understanding how mastodon works.

App wise I can recomend:

There are a lot more out there but this one I know and trust.

Hope to see you all out there on different instances. Happy tooting!