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Discussion on: How to Market a Blog?

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Nikita Hlopov


Same here, let me share my thought.

I've been running a personal blog for over a year now, I do not have as much articles as you have. However I have 3 main articles that are getting most organic clicks from google, the rest is just left unseen or very minimal amount of clicks.

But I guess I'm just not trying good enough, and just being lazy. :)

From what I have observed (the top devs from twitter community), if you're willing to get more exposure to your persona or personal brand if you will:

  1. Start posting articles about actual topics here on DEV community. To find out what is actual is a whole another story. Also that's quite hard, e.g. if I have a "cool" article idea, and then I search for similar article, usually there's already another one with hundreds of likes, then I'll dismiss the idea. But if you manage to post a good quality article it can be twitted by the DEV community, exposing it to wider audience.

  2. Start creating creative pens on CodePen. This way you have a pretty high chance to get more exposure to the community. And like previous point if you really have created a quality/creative pen it can be featured on the CodePen or twitted by CodePen, thus exposing it to wider audience.

  3. Interesting thing I've noticed on twitter lately is subtly begging for followers. Like "let's make our community better/bigger", "You follow me, I'll follow you" and bla bla bla. So in a way you can do that, to get more followers, however I don't like this approach, besides since I've never tried it I'm not sure if you'll get real people who are interested in you/your content. It's quite possible they'll unsubscribe.

But again like said in one of the comments above its easier said than done. It is what I observed from other people. I personally try to practice 1st and 2nd point, but I do not always have much of free time, will and power to do so. As it really takes a lot of effort to constantly create quality and creative stuff, and I have a full time job and a family which is my number one priority.

Also, don't take my word for it, I just share my thoughts, you have to find your own way. :)

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Adam Roynon Author

Thanks for the feedback. I do try and interact with communities online as much as I have free time to do. I often go through programming related hashtags to interact with people, I try and post good content alongside advertising my blog, I try and respond to every comment/reply I receive. Sometimes it is just a bit disheartening that you work so long on a post/blog and it goes nowhere, but I guess other people would love my "success". I regularly have to remind myself to be grateful for the success I do have, even if it is little.

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