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Starting journey toward building Blockchain App

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Hi all, in this article, we will discuss the path toward building our DAP (Decentralized Applications) using blockchain specifically based upon Ethereum.

So when Ethereum was launched it was kept in mind that it will help make Dap's and nowadays it's a famous cryptocurrency and it can also be used to transfer data based upon blockchain technology. There are many networks involved in the overall ecosystem and each network has 1 or more nodes and each node is running an Ethereum client. Each node has a full copy of an identical blockchain.

For end consumers, there are wallets from which they can access their wallets and carry out transactions e.g. we have chrome extension Metamask and developers use web3.js. You can install Metamask in your chrome form here.

For our journey toward building our App, we will use the Rinkeby Test network of Ethereum which help us to test out our transactions without burning real cash.

Metamask Wallet

If we see here we have an account address that is unique to a user and will be the same across different networks. For getting free ETH in your test account to the address you get in your wallet you can use

These tokens don't have any real value but can be used in testing our smart contract codes for free before we make them usable on the main ETH network.
The account address we see on the wallet is our public address(can be referred to as an email address for understanding) which we can use to receive or send ETH tokens and there are 2 other keys involved with it Public and Private key which combined to act as an identifier for our account to carry out the transaction.

Thanks for reading this. In upcoming articles in this series, we will continue our journey to learn more and discuss how is the transaction carried out and important pointers in that.

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