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Nikema's 100 Days of Code - Day 5

✨ Day 5 ✨

I continued on with Progate for day five and started the first Rails lesson.

I ran into some bugs and hiccups. Before heading over to Progate I tried to start a LinkedIn Learning course on rails 5. It required setting up mysql2 and when I followed the installation instructions I didn't get the expected outcome.

I've run into old tutorials that were unusable before and I didn't want to repeat that today. I decided to go back to Progate since I had already set up my environment using their instructions yesterday.

rails lesson 1

By the end of the lesson, I had an app running on localhost. I wanted to get fancy and deploy the app even though that wasn't part of the lesson.

So I naturally headed to Netlify and started setting up my app. I got to the part right after choosing a GitHub repo and I thought, how do I build a Rails app on Netlify?

Turns out you just don't 😃

Oh right. Then I remembered that one of the first languages I took it upon myself to learn was ruby and I used Heroku to deploy. It didn't take long to find myself there.

I haven't used Heroku as much as Netlify and GitHub so I had to look over the docs to get acquainted. Luckily, I already had the CLI installed and I've had a Heroku account since something like 2013 (when I was trying to learn ruby).

I got to pushing my code up to Heroku and I had an error. I linked to the resources I used to get everything working in my log.

GitHub logo prophen / tweet_app

Tweet app from Ruby on Rails lessons

Tweet app lesson from

home page about page

This project and lesson was started on Day 5 of my 100 Days of Code challenge.

✨See the deployed app here!✨

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