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Nicole Zonnenberg
Nicole Zonnenberg

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Code Hot Takes

What's your coding hot take?

I'll go first:

Readability is more important than efficiency when writing code.

i.e. Well written code can be picked up and understood by most software developers/engineers and does not require a lot of parsing or jargon understanding.

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Ben Halpern

The code you're staring at can't be evaluated out of context of the whole system.

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ • Edited

A dogmatic obsession with 'readability' and 'clean code' (both subjective) can - over time - lower the quality / ability of upcoming developers.

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Ndeye Fatou Diop

React memoization is not evil.

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Mordechai Dror • Edited

JSX is the template engine for NodeJS MPAs

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Michael Stamps

Jquery is not dead. In fact, over twenty percent of devs use Jquery, and about eighty percent of websites still use Jquery.