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Nicolas Hourcard
Nicolas Hourcard

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QuestDB - fast relational time-series DB, zero GC java

Hi all,

We have just released QuestDB open source (apache 2.0), and we would welcome your feedback.

QuestDB is an open-source NewSQL relational database designed to process time-series data, faster. Our approach comes from low-latency trading; QuestDB’s stack is engineered from scratch, zero-GC Java and dependency-free.



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Paweł Świątkowski

I've seen it before. My only real experience so far is with InfluxDB. I see you are supporting its wire protocol. Could you throw some short comparison between Influx and Quest at me perhaps?

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Nicolas Hourcard

Hey Pawel, we are about to post an article about our differences with respect to InfluxDB, we'll share the link very soon!

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Jean-Loup Adde • Edited

I like it!

Do you plan to add support of QuestDB to telegraf? I think it would help if anyone wants to use QuestDB for monitoring purposes (same for grafana).

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TheTanc • Edited

Hi Jean-Loup
Thanks for the feedback! We support Influx line protocol over UDP (will be rolled out at the next release). We also plan on adding support for Influx line protocol over TCP, but this will be in a later release.
As telegraf sends data to Influx using line protocol, you could then use telegraf with QuestDB.