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My questions in the process of migrating to Flutter after React Native

Hello friends, I have some questions about Flutter and I thought I would get the most accurate information from here. I've been developing with React Native for about 2 years, but some points really started to tire me. I will be glad if I can get answers to my questions below.

  1. Can I write backend directly with Dart language?
  2. React Native, as you know, gives different views for IOS and Android, I don't want that. I want it to look the same everywhere. Is this possible with Flutter?
  3. As you know, React Native is mostly CSS, can I use CSS while using Flutter? Or is there an equivalent technology?
  4. Flutter can also be packaged for IOS with Codemagic, is there a more tiring alternative to React Native Expo?
  5. Most importantly, I wanted to ask before I start Flutter application hierarchy structure seems a bit more complicated than React Native hierarchy. And I don't want to lie it makes it hard for me to understand.
  6. Vs Code is really great, but Gazi teacher uses Android Studio in Google Digital Workshop trainings. Which IDE should you use and what would you recommend?
  7. Can it be printed as Flutter Website and the site we print out looks like a Website? So mobile gives air?
  8. What does Flutter do better than React Native? What are the pros? For example, the Navigation event or changing the theme color is successful in accessing Native elements?
  9. And most importantly, without connecting what I do as a website with Flutter with the application, will the changes I make on the site be reflected in the application? If there is such a thing, great. Thank you from now.

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Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

You know who you are. Sorry for the callout 😆