Need Help Picking a Tabletop Colour

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home office setup (3 Part Series)

1) Need Help Picking a Tabletop Colour 2) Webcam Suggestions Anyone? 3) Looking for Great Headphones

Hey peeps, I'm gonna buy a motorized standing desk with some award points I got from work. Which colour top should I go with? Mind chiming in on the Twitter poll? πŸ™

Here is the desk, MotionGrey Adjustable Dual Motors Electric Sit to Stand Computer Office Standing Desk

And here are the tabletop colours (both colours are in the Tweet. The liquid tag just doesn't show it).


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Agreed. Get the white one, then paint it purple!


So I went with black. Thanks for chiming in everyone.‬


So I went with the black desktop. Really excited to start working on this badass piece of office furniture.