My Visual Studio Code Setup

Nick Taylor (he/him) on December 23, 2017

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Made the switch the Fira code (+font size 13) yesterday. Loving the ligatures.



Try changing line height instead.
It improved readability so drastically, I can't understand how I coded before.
line height change


Great to hear Aly! I really love the ligatures too.


What are you using the Custom CSS and JS Loader for?


It is use in cobalt 2 for 3 things

  • getting a thick cursor.
  • using Operator Mono in sidebar too.
  • getting the yellow dot in tab when file is unsaved.

Came across another great extension today, Code Runner, care of Ryan Burgess giving it a shout out on the Senior Engineer - Master Brewer episode of Front End Happy Hour


I'm interested in Visual Studio Code, but do you think it's a good replacement for any IntelliJ-like program? I mean, I know they're different because of the editor and IDE factor, but I'm just curious


VSCode is great for typescript. It's super light and nice to use. For python pycharm is still better but vscode is still useable. The python extension is being actively developed so hopefully it will improve.


The ligratures are not working for Fira Code for me.


Is the Fira Font installed? If so can, you provide a gist for your vscode settings.json (minus any sensitive info 😉).


I only mentioned it im my settings.json and never installed one. I'm new to VS Code btw. Started using from yesterday after I broke up with Atom.


I love the comments syntax color in your latests screenshots, with a black background, it's the Dracula theme?


Polacode is my new favorite extension.


I would add: if you are a die-hard Vim user such as myself, the Vim extension is top of the list: ;)


Yeah the keybindings from other editors they provide is a great way to transition from your old editor,


That Reactjs code snippets extension is dope!! I could have some fun with that. Thanks!


Live Share looks great. I read something that Atom already has something similar and is currently available. But I'm too happy with VS Code to download and try Atom again.


Yeah, there's Teletype for Atom, but I haven't tried it. Looking forward to Live Share!


Thanks for sharing,
This extension may also be very useful :Settings Sync


Yeah, I mention this extension at the beginning of the extensions section. A must have. 🔥💪


I'll need to update this post, but here's a few changes I made


Interest list I picked some extensions.

But I don't understand what Editor Config is used for?


I don't really use it in my own projects now. I had some before prettier existing. It's an extension that helps with code formatting if your project has an editorConfig file. For more information,see

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