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Nick Wu
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Compile Podcast Ep 10: Staying fit at home

This week my friend Yuekun and I talk more about fitness at home and how you can avoid "isolation gut"!


  • 01:00 Chill zone and catching up
  • 05:00 Topic intro: staying fit at home
  • 07:20 Why staying fit is so important, especially now
    • 08:25 A Strong immune system
    • 11:40 Nick's experience with momentum and inertia
    • 16:17 Lack of activity leads to general health problems
  • 26:42 Yuekun's very own exercise routines
    • 29:41 Stretches
    • 37:20 How to get a good stretch?
    • 39:00 Slow steady cardio
    • 42:21 Basic and intermediate workouts
    • 45:00 Results with the routines for Yuekun's parents
  • 49:19 Nick and Yuekun share their current routines
  • 56:43 Wrapping up

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