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How to develop a website with high quality

nhutguyen profile image Huy Nhut Nguyen ・4 min read

Hi Everyone
How are you, Hope you have an amazing day!
My name is Nhut Nguyen

Today I will talk about How to build a perfect product from developing a website. I will use philosophy and linguistics.
How about “perfect”. We only believe that we have a perfect product at a certain time point. In linguistics, a concept is like a living creature, developing and evolving. So anything is evolving, but some concepts are keeping their status for a long time. We don't realize they are changing.

Why am I so confident to know how a perfect product is? I was a founder, I have 14 years of experience in website development. These don’t say I can talk about the topic. I have spent many years researching linguistics and philosophy to help me answer the question. I define a new philosophy, Dualism and invent a way to pronunciate a word for native-speakers, atomic international pronunciation.

Why should some foreigners learn something from a Vietnamese person like me, such as Americans are living in a country with a two-party system, I am living in Vietnam with a one-party system. Some concepts are only right in a place but wrong in another. Like the pandemic, Vietnam controls it better than a country familiar with freedom.

Come back to the topic. In Vietnam, I don’t think we are developing a perfect website. After graduation, some so-called excellent students become teachers. They don’t know that knowledge of software development from the company is better than in university for at least 4 years. Knowledge of software development from American companies is better than from Vietnamese companies for 4 years too.

In Asia, customers pay the company to develop a website but most of them don’t know how it is a website with high quality, even the software company and developer don’t. All they want to develop faster. Customers want to reduce the cost. The boss wants employees to work faster to get more profit. The boss and teacher will evaluate a staffer and student how they are intelligent by working as fast as possible.

After 1-3 years ,the website becomes obsolete because it can’t update new versions or new technologies faster and easier. Better the customer should build a new product. But the solution doesn’t happen because the customer’s company goes bankrupt. The customer won’t believe the software company again. The software company loses the customer, it goes bankrupt too.

I know smart people will work faster but anything needs a time period to develop, Look Facebook, watchmaking Rotex. Like learning English, we need 4 years to speak like Americans. In Vietnam, some teachers say: ‘Hey, you will speak English like Americans in 2 years’. But lots of students learning English at school can’t speak English after 12 years.

You have to choose customers who can pay enough money to build a website with high quality. They win, we win. Win - Win. If you choose customers who pay cheap, your company reputation will be destroyed after 4 years. You may never get the belief of the customer again. You have to ask the payment to increase over 30%, even 100% or more.

So how to build a website with high quality. You should check a website with the best quality in the world, such as Facebook. Facebook is a social network, it publishes knowledge in website development better than any company, even Google.
Philosophy develops from monism to pluralism to dualism.
Facebook was founded in 2004. The website used a monolithic architecture with PHP language. But now Facebook is using the front-end back-end (dualism) and microservices (pluralism) architectures, such as the front-end with React.JS, create-react-app, the back-end with PHP, Java, Python, microservices with chat, message.
We can use other languages to build a website like Facebook, Twitter

This is one of the best:

Back-end: Rails API, Sorbet for type checking, JRuby, Spree API for e-commerce
Front-end: React Redux, TypeScript for type checking
Database: MongoDB
Real time: Elixir Phoenix
Machine Learning: Python

Facebook uses PHP which is a dynamic language. Facebook has to build Hiphop server to compile into bytecode to run faster and reduce cost of servers. We can use JRuby Java Virtual Machine to do the same. Java is a non-dynamic language. It takes more time to develop a website by using Java. Dynamic language and non-dynamic language is a form of Dualism.

Although Facebook uses MySQL which is a relational database but to improve performance, it uses TAO architecture, a concept of NoSQL.
SQL and NoSQL are a form of Dualism too.

Because language is like a living creature. It is developing. So Facebook is using type checking to reduce bugs in the future with Flow, to restrict input and output.
I talked to a former developer of Facebook. He is using a type checking, sorbet with Rubym Typescript on the front-end
You need to know philosophy and linguistics.

Philosophy: make right decisions, read new Dualism philosophy which helps us guess what will happen in the future, find new ideas which are the opposite of current successful ideas from our competitors. Look like that I am a saint but if you have more concepts in your career, you will invent something new easier.

Linguistics: how to learn new things, how to speak and write online to look for your goals, do SEO and marketing. If you want to learn a new language quickly, check Atomic International Pronunciation.
Finance: Most startups fail because of lack knowledge in finance
A business plan, demo and pitch desk: When you make them, you will learn new knowledge fixing your business. You can look for investors and partners easier.

When Vietnamese people are successful with an idea like a secret, they don’t want to share but it’s a concept, it needs to develop by sharing to others and supporting it. It looks like that Facoebok shares so much of its knowledge, you can copy it, but Facebook runs faster than your company.
I want to change Vietnamese culture. I want to share anything I can.

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Atomic International Pronunciation:

Dualism Philosophy:

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