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Angular v18 highlights

​The Angular v18 has been released 🚀🚀🚀.

Check out the official announcement for in-depth updates.

Some highlights of this new version are here:

➖ Control flow syntax is now stable, and useful warnings are included when the track option is not used correctly.

➖ Defer block is also stable for lazy-loading Angular templates any way we want.

➖ Zoneless change detection to unlock the full benefits of signal-based components.

➖ Fallback content for content projection with ng-content. Here is how to use it to make the default content “Hi” in this example if the select query doesn’t return anything:

<ng-content select=".greeting">Default</ng-content>
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➖ New events Observable available on form controls, which returns any event going on in that control, including the different form state properties (valid, pristine, etc.)

➖ etc

I hope you found it helpful. Thanks for reading. 🙏

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