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Make It Safer! Make it Useful for All.

Hello friends, today I would like to remind you of something useful

According to Statista website they said that as of January, 2021 there are 4.66 Billion Users of Internet this is equivalent to 59.5% of all people in the World are able to access the Internet. For now I guess the number is even more higher than the one recorded in January, 2021.

With that humongous number of global users of internet it's true that, it's very difficult to tackle numerous problems such as Cyber-Bulling, and Racism as well as other related problems and challenges.

But, we are as a part of Dev community have to stand and fight against such issues and the following are tips I do believe can be a way forward to do so:

1. Creating Interactive Cyber Environment

I do believe this one isn't a new concept to you but I think it's worth clarifying it once again
Interactive environment are type of cyber environment in which all users (4.66 billion people) can access the contents of your works without any problem.
Here I'm speaking about people with visual impairments and auditory impairments, they're also human beings and they deserve to get information and if you have created a website that don't have features to support people like them, you'll be leaving them behind. Hence by saying Interactive Cyber Environment I mean the inclusiveness of contents within our websites.

In creating websites make sure that you include 'alt' attribute in your videos as well as images. People with visual impairments rely on screen readers to convert web content to an audio interface. They won't get information if it's only presented visually. For images, screen readers can access the alt attribute and read its contents to deliver key information (source: FreeCodeCamp).

2. Have in-depth knowledge about Cyber-Security Principles

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
- Sun Tzu

Cyber security is wide topic and it's almost impossible to discuss it all over here, but important thing to remember is that "You have to know the enemy and yourself" in this context the enemies are Cyber Security Threats and Yourself is "Your digital platforms like Websites, Apps and etc.
There're numerous resources you can utilize in learning Cyber-Security Principles that would be useful to you and your company or organization you're working for;

Google Digital Skills have a complete course about it (Go and learn from them)

3. Don't be part of Things we're all fighting against

We are all users of Internet (and some of us here are the Creators of contents within Internet) we use social medias like Facebook and Twitter (to name a few), there are countless people in those platform doing unethical things like Identity Theft! they like to minimize that by calling themselves Parodies! But to me if you're a parody who didn't seek full permission from the actual accounts or contents you're representing then you're Identical Thief too!

Don't copy, use or produce anything from anyone without her/his approval, don't engage into any digital fights by saying offensive words to anyone regardless of what mistake he/she did to you (Within these platforms potential customers, potential employers and partners are seeing you)

Just imagine a company like Google would like to hire you, being a tech company they can conduct assessment of your digital presence and habits, trust me you can be superb candidate for the job in one of their many department but the way they'll see your online conduct (Oh my!) they'll will terminate all interests in you.

We need to be careful on almost everything that we do, from the way we create numerous products to Internet Users (4.66 Billion people) to the way we use these products (i.e. Social Medias)
Don't criticize or condemn anyone because humans are creatures of emotions. By creating a safer and useful environment for all it will be a better place to learn, enjoy and interact.

Until next time friends, फिर मिलते हैं (see you)

If you found this useful let me know in the comment section, I would like to hear your thoughts too.

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