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Emmanuel C. Ngowi
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Finally I contributed to a repository in GitHub.

Hello there, today I would like to share with you one of my longest desire and fear. For long I was longing for contributing something in GitHub and often I was telling myself, "this isn't for you man, you're a beginner and that's deep stuffs for real awesome and geniuses people who code like machines!" Lol I was wrong because, first I didn't know anything about Git and GitHub and I kept lying on myself that those two ain't for me.
Yesterday I read a post on google about the importance of Git and GitHub to developers from beginners to experts, that's where I got my AHA! stage and I decided to login into my unused account on GitHub, since I had read a little bit of concepts such as repository, fork, branch and pull request. I decided to search for repository that used some of languages I'm familiar with (in this case Html5 and Css) and Voila! I saw one and decided to give it a go.
The project needed me to create a webpage that will helps pets find home
It needed to have two directories (index.html) and (style.css) as well as (

I see this project fruitful to me because I was exposed to work on creation of various elements in html and doing some impressive styling and what's really important it exposed me to the fact that I didn't understood the concept of adding audio in html5, therefore it gave me a chance to re-learn the concept once again from YouTube (link below)

I'm glad that I finally finished this project and you can find it here

A lesson I've learned is in learning about web dev we really need to practice things we have learnt because watching tutorials isn't sufficient enough to ensure that you have sufficiently understood the taught concepts.
All the best in your learning objectives for today, be safe and until next time

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