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Duc Ng
Duc Ng

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Keep Life Organized With It changed my morning routine

We've all wished for a one-stop solution to our bustling digital life—a single, cohesive tool that could streamline the multitude of apps, tabs and tools we use to keep our life in order. I found this, a web application designed to be your personal productivity dashboard, changed my morning routine and how I start my day with the information I need.

A Dashboard For All Your Needs

You know how we've all got a million tabs open for everything under the sun - weather, stocks, news, notes, and that essential lofi playlist to keep us sane throughout the day? Well, is a neat little solution to that mess. It lets you create a personal dashboard using widgets, and it's been super helpful in streamlining my digital chaos. Offering a wide range of customizable widgets, it gives you the power to create a dashboard that suits your needs and aligns with your lifestyle.

The platform is smooth and intuitive, providing a user-friendly experience. It's almost like having an assistant who neatly organizes all the important information you need on one convenient page. What's more, it's fully customizable. You can make your dashboard as minimalist or as detailed as you want, based on what you need at your fingertips.

My Take on

Using has genuinely improved my browser hygiene. No more scrambling between tabs, and no more feeling overwhelmed by the internet’s infinity. It's all there, in one place, beautifully organized, and fully under my control. Having a dedicated space for everything gives me a sense of calm and order in the otherwise chaotic digital world.

In a nutshell, is an incredibly handy tool for anyone juggling various digital tasks. It's like your personal command center, keeping you informed and in control. And who knows, it might just become your browser's default tab (I know it has become mine!).

The Experience: No Strings Attached

One thing that really stood out to me about was how easy it was to get started. No sign-up, no login, no need to remember another password. It's as easy as hitting the link and diving right in. And did I mention it's free? You get to try out all the features without spending a dime. It's about as no-strings-attached as you can get.

The best part? It's open source! (written in React, you can even create your own widget). You can try it out for free, and you don't even need to login or anything. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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JoelBonetR 🥇 • Edited

Assuming this is a WebApp you developed (your username is the same than in GitHub) I reviewed it out of curiosity and here's the result:

UX review:

  • I got two widgets deleted when deleting a single one.
  • Widgets overlap each other depending on the resolution even though there is enough space (see picture below). Image description
  • The configuration of a given widget is not clear, you hit the cog icon and a message appears somewhere else, making the user loose its context.
  • Certain widgets do not have a background neither an outline so one can't know where the widget starts nor where it ends.
  • Investigating a bit more I reached a message that says this is part of the "Advanced Plan" but there's no "plans" view.

Legal review:

  • Couldn't find any "privacy policy" neither any other compliance document, that's a MUST whenever you launch an App where users can sign up (It's the users right to know what will you do with the data as well as reporting you to the law enforcement if you do wrong with it) and it's straightforward illegal to not have them.

Tip: If you're working with none to low resources on this project you might at least copy, read, understand and edit other's compliance documents. Just make sure that you do nothing with the data of your users unless a lawyer checks the document first.
After a change in what you do with the data you should update your compliance documents and inform your existing users at least by email.

And that's all I got before the next meeting 😅 Hope it serves you as starting point!

Technical side note

I checked the dependencies and didn't found any to handle drag and drop (did it real quick so correct me if I'm wrong) there are a couple that work well for this kind of jobs out there! (I'll try to remember the names).
Either way you might want to migrate the React App into a Next App to take advantage of the Server-Side to further add features that work on a user-basis (so one can keep the same preferences and config while switching between working PC, gaming PC, smartphone and so on and so forth).

Community side note

Please add the #showdev tag, it will be more accurate and it may bring you more suggestions/help/directions that you can take if you are willing to push this project further (benefits of the community 😄)

Nice one! Looking forward to see how it evolves.

Keep it up! 😁👍🏻

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Duc Ng • Edited

Wow! very detailed feedback and they're all valid!
I will look into the issues you got, and address other points shortly.
Yes, this is being worked on actively with a lot more features in the next few weeks.
Let me know if you have ideas. Thanks a lot!

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JoelBonetR 🥇 • Edited

Sure! the first idea that came to my mind is to show the config of a widget inside the same widget, so it can turn to show the config or the widget, similar to this:

Switch between login/signup to trigger the effect

If someone needs a tutorial on that let me know! 😁

Thread Thread
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Duc Ng

Nice transition and radio button! Will look into this for the setting panel. Hope you don't mind I copy the code :)

Thread Thread
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JoelBonetR 🥇

No problems at all, just fork it on Codepen and do the changes there! 😁

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very cool project.

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Thai Thien

Why I have to login ?
What login offer me ?

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Duc Ng

Hi, login is for syncing widgets, layout across devices.