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ChatGPT wrapper aka GPT2API released

I used to be a Laravel developer. But my team members are not good in PHP. Because PHP is a weak type language. They always write some code in strange style. Over time, the code becomes difficult to maintain. When we develop with Laravel, we use Vue as our frontend framework.

When I start this new project, I want to fix these problems by switching to a new stack. I've been learning Golang for a long time, but I've never written a project using React.

After digging deeper into React, I found two frameworks very interesting and I believe they will help me build my project faster. They are Next.js and shadcn/ui. If you are new to React, I highly recommend trying next.js and shadcn/ui.

Share some screenshots of GPT2API

Design API page

Design API page

Run API page

Run API page

Technical details about my project

Project name: GPT2API
Frontend Framework: React and Next.js
UI Framework: shadcn/ui and tailwindcss
Backend Framework: Gin with Golang
Database: Mysql 8
Server: Linode
Payment: Paddle

What is GPT2API?

GPT2API is a platform to help you build API to make ChatGPT easier to use. You can build API and share it with the community, or you can call API from API.Hub, which is other API shared by the community.


  1. Build API with ChatGPT commands.
  2. Test API on the website.
  3. Share it with the community.
  4. Have the community extend the API.
  5. Sample code for your project.
  6. Cheap price for calling ChatGPT, $1 with 600K tokens.

If you have any questions about GPT2API or programming, you can contact me on the twitter. You are very welcome to experience GPT2API. I hope to get your comments.

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