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My Experience with a Drupal 8/9 Update Part 2: The Remote Site

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Alright, this is Part 2 of my writeup on my Drupal 8/9 upgrade.

After a day of adding back the themes and all my modules to a local 9.2.3 setup with Lando, my local site is now up and running.

BUT...the first remote site gives me a WSOD. So that is the first puzzle of the day.


  • I am now working on getting my remote site working as well. On the Acquia Logs I am getting this nice little error.

    Uncaught PHP Exception InvalidArgumentException: "No converter has been registered for paramconverter.latest_revision" at /mnt/www/html/abemultisite1ysumx4zdc3/docroot/core/lib/Drupal/Core/ParamConverter/ParamConverterManager.php line 39 request_id="v-5d494db2-f558-11eb-82e1-0a7156243103" 
  • Let's see if I can track this down.

  • I suspect this may have to do with the Acquia Connector module.

  • Acquia's Drupal 9 Installation Guide could be a good resource for other Acquia D9 sites. May be too far along with this one to make use of it, though.

  • Just ran composer run enable-asset-packagist within the lightning profile and then ran composer update at root.

  • Just added Acquia Connector and Acquia search. They are off, but I want to be prepared.

  • Alrighty, I am at the update.php page. Get ready for over 112 updates.

  • There is a warning that lightning and lightning media are not present and are required in schema, but I know they are. It didn't stop me on my local. I'm going to update the database manually and then run the update.

  • Ran the database update and the main hub site now works remotely!

  • Ah, I am getting messages on French translation files being imported. Very interesting.

  • The layout of the page is off. I wonder what could be causing that.

  • Turning off layout builder on the front page fixed the layout.

  • Turned on devel entity updates to fix an issue with compact date range.

  • Running drush entup in live dev mode updated the compact date range on the second try. (On the first try, there was an autoload.php error.)

Overall, good progress today. Both the Hub site and the france site work remotely after their updates. There are warnings about deprecated modules and such but those are for another day. Overall now the rest of this D8/D9 upgrade seems feasible now.



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