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@ben I had no idea you recently became a Marvel consultant! Congrats! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


Hahaha I thought the same thing 🀣🀣 They called him in to design the website


I'd be much more into this if they actually built it in HTML, but it appears to be yet another Javascript-emitting-DOM-nodes site, which is completely period-inappropriate and terrible for accessibility (I mean, even moreso than Geocities sites ever were). What is with modern web designers?


I don't think that was the point. I'm sure you can appreciate the spirit of what they're trying to accomplish with this site.


I can appreciate the spirit while also criticizing them for using inaccessible technologies for building it. I mean, regardless of period-appropriateness, this site will not render in a lot of user agents.

Fair point aside, I don't think that this is the site to make that argument about. You tell me, is the approach they took the faster and cheaper way of getting it done?

I mean, the use of a framework to build a static website is overkill and seems like it would take way more effort than just writing an HTML document directly. I wasn't involved in their development process at all though.

This is just a gigantic peeve of mine because a lot of websites have become ridiculously inaccessible because so many things are reinventing HTML and CSS the long way around, thus causing more resources to be used needlessly and impacting usability and accessibility because none of them actually implement the stuff that the browser already gives you for free.


Yes..it should have been only html.


Well they had to have actual features. Like the video player with progress bar.


It's pretty cool. Reminds me of the old space jam site - warnerbros.com/archive/spacejam/mo...

I'm all for these fun designs if it means less bootstrap


That IS amazing!
They even implemented the <blink> tag, instead of just dropping a class!

blink {
    animation: blink-animation 1s steps(5,start) infinite;
    font-weight: 700

Truly a work of art!


This site makes me so happy. It's such a breath of fresh air from all the same, old, boring Bootstrap-templated websites out there.


I'm disappointed it does not feature a single "under construction" image.


Oh wow! It makes me think of how recently I remembered Brendan Fraser existed and went to look him up... found this - brendanfraser.com/. There's a "flash-enhanced hi-bandwidth" version that apparently my computer just can't handle. 😞


What a fun site! I was going to post in the guestbook but it's full.


β€œFull” guestbook, that’s a funny concept for a digital data store πŸ™ƒ


Since the movie is set in the 90s, they used a web design from that era, too. Kudos for consistency.


It's really excellent! I had so much fun using it.


huh, vh ratios and fonts for vertical responsiveness and 100vh for full-height sections--instead of highjacking the scroll bar. i feel like i learned something new today.


Where is the sound?

Learn from a real artist btm.asie.pl/16.2/index2.html
(not mine btw)


thank you for gracing my eyes with this


This website has made my morning! πŸ˜πŸ’―


I'll be honest... I do not miss home-built sites or feel nostalgic for the days of gratuitous 3D spinning text.