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How Rust Spoil Us ?

Sometimes you're a victim of your own success.

As you know I often promote the benefits of Rust as my previous article.

Rust is generally considered to be a fast language, and it is often used for programs that require high performance.
But in our case his performance could harm our user experience.

Actually in my company BLSTSecurity , we providing API security and Testing in one platform all Written in Rust.
So the problem occurs when a user upload his API specification.
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The results appears too quickly (thanks to Rust), but this could lead to an unwanted impression.
Users cloud claim that our system do nothing and does not really test deeply the API because the quickly results.
So in order to avoid this phenomenon we implement in the front this little code that wait three seconds before displaying the result.

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Sounds Crazy? Yeah sometimes your own weapon can harm you..
If you want to contribute in a RUST project let's check our cherrybomb open source project:](

Join our discord server:

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