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I switched from FileZilla to WinSCP and have been liking it so far.


WinSCP is the most powerful for me and the one I use now, before I used for years FileZilla. The good thing with WinSCP is not only is it good for ftp you can also SSH in a linux server and browser the filesystem


Winscp with the live sync feature has been a saver for me.


As I'm running Linux with GNOME I simply use the built-in File Explorer, Nautilus


I'm using cyberduck on my MacBook but it’s also available for Windows


I recommend FileZilla πŸ‘


mingw scp or wsl scp if I have a choice


So far been using FileZilla, The only problem I had was to navigate and open files in it, takes time to edit and a few clicks. Otherwise Its a Good software. Maybe will give a try on WinSCP.