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Nasrul Hazim Bin Mohamad
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Creating CLI Application with Laravel Zero

You might come across, you need a simple CLI application for your system / solution / process, a separate application written in PHP.

I've been using Laravel Zero for quite sometimes, mostly writing simple application to do the ETL, migration purpose related - from one database type to another.

Why CLI application? Why Laravel Zero? Why Laravel? Why PHP? Why not any other ETL tools?

Because I'm used to PHP, Laravel ecosystem. It's easy and fast, less learning curve with Laravel Zero and CLI application used with non-interaction with end users. Hence, simple CLI application written in PHP, is the best fit for me. Quick and easy.

Anyway, I've create a public template that already configured with necessary packages - Arc8 CLI (pronounced as Arcade CLI). Just click on Use This Template to start write your own CLI Application.

Arc8 CLI is a pre-configured CLI Application code based on Laravel Zero that help developers to jumpstart quickly on CLI application development.

You may want to rename the arc command to the one that you preferred. Do update the composer.json file too if change the name.

The usage, quiet straightforward - you may refer to Laravel Zero documentation for the details.

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