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Becoming an attractive Intern to employers.

Leaving school or just leaving home with the hope of having a solid thing to work on as foundation, having a first job is a great feeling, but it comes with fear of how to ace that first job or your first internship. Lets look at the few things that could make that easier or help towards making that desire reality. So lets chop it up.

Table of Content:

  • Gather some Software Engineer or programming background knowledge
  • Work on some projects to show competence.
  • Confidence in yourself
  • Build your professional profile
  • Value/Grow your network

Gather some S.E knowledge:

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  • If you have none, find a Software Engineering field you enjoy and find some online course or just get material and learn.
  • Contact someone with experience, ask them to review your road map for you so you have a clear path from beginner to ready for internship level.
  • Invest in some real learning tools and resources.
  • Do that introspect and find out how you can learn effectively and efficiently.

Work on some projects:

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  • Building realistic projects allows you to learn, solve problems and build profile. All these are essential for you to land that internship.
  • This alone builds huge confident for you as intern & also allows companies to respect & trust you with their money and resources.
  • Work on collaborative projects to also prove you can work with a team and use source control & finish tasks.
  • Building projects is cool, nothing is godlier.

Be confident in yourself:

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  • Self confidence is a key factor in developing , it shows a recruiter that they can trust you.
  • Be confident in your ability to start, maintain and finish a project, simply because its not yours and you will always have help, & that gives you room to accomplish it and grow.
  • Don’t only apply to big companies, but also focus on getting internship for a company you will be confident working for.
  • For whatever you doubt yourself with, be honest with that from the start and allow help when people offer, or simply ask, you not employed for your ego but your ability to get shit done.

Build your professional profile :

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  • Looking at who your target is, create a respectable social media profile, and make your skills always exposed.
  • Research the standards for your field or position you want regarding resume or profile and try be as close to those as possible.
  • Use platforms like linkedIn, reddit,, to boost your availability and your network.
  • Constantly learn new skills and update your profile, and have someone review you for constructive criticism.

Value Your Network:

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  • As with every field the people you talk to and spend time with do impact your chances so, value the people your interact with and keep it narrow to Software Engineering.
  • Its important to listen when you with the people who motivate you, and also ask questions that will result in helpful feedback.
  • Work on yourself, and let it be worth value to the people you with or might meet for a offer of any sort, be useful.
  • Build connections with people who will grow you, and help you see the possibilities in the field.

Tell me how your process went when you were an intern
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