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Naufan Rusyda Faikar
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I Was Betrayed By Computer Science Students

Convenience, she never guaranteed to make life better. It may seem so, but it is not real.

Another day, I have called by a lecturer of mine from the last two semesters. It was not a direct call, but rather someone had came to me for saying that. I believed on her, for my lecture that one and several others have put their trust in me, specially in teaching my juniors. But that day happened to be my senior ... I know exactly, everyone has a tendency of doing what is destined to. But, if they do not even try, what is the point of being students? Of being computer science students?

Even worse, one of our junior lecture told, "If you cannot code, you can always do this and that." You know, I am not upset, rather I am so sad.

I have always believed that a computer student must know how to code. It does not matter at all if they end up not mastering all the implementations, but at least they shall get the basic ideas behind doing the code. It will surely be achieved by itself through efforts and struggles in the learning process. It will not be cheap though, never.

I am used to, being the leader of a study group, from elementary to college. It was indeed such a disaster, since I was not expecting it at all. I would say that neither I am good at it nor I am passionate, but I became enjoyed by time. From there, I have learned a lot how to teach friends my age. I became able to say who only has a desire to learn, who is willing to put in the effort, and who is learning by compulsion.

Without the prior experiences, I bet everyone can tell whether she wanted to be helped in study or in doing her thesis. With every added minute, I was getting more and more clueless as to what I should do to help. I did not want her parents to find out the three and a half years she spent in class was not worth the tuition fees. Although I kept myself to help her gently until my class break time was over.

I think, I should have to think of this. I know that this cannot be completely resolved. But at the very least, one has to keep fighting for this, no matter where one is. And I know, some have been involved in this war, a war against laziness and ignorance. This is not the culture of our people, this is just a widespread misunderstanding.

Today, I realised that I might have been wrong. People may suffered a lot during the learning process, but I smugly said they were not trying. Judging only by their accomplishments. Effort may not bring a charter, but it can change a person into a better person. Being a computer science student for three and a half years may have turned her from an introvert to a person who is not shy asking her junior for help.

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