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Naufan Rusyda Faikar
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Chatting With a Discord Bot

This is such an old project, but I had no chance until today to make a quick publish!

Among friends from the gaming community, I have been known as a NPC lover. Do not get me wrong; I do not like certain NPCs, but rather all NPCs. Why not just hang out with other players instead? I am living in real world, so I am not willing if someone—let us say a toxic player—from virtual world could mess up with my life. The excitement of chatting with real humans is priceless indeed. But at some point in time, we only want to have a friend to chat without knowing who we really are. If only the in-game player-to-player chat was truly a sandbox, but that is okay.

Name a role-playing game that has real dialogue with NPCs. To date, I have not found one. There have been offering to the answer choices or none at all. Moreover, some only provides futile answer choices, not at all changing the story regardless of the choice.

I have been introduced to BlenderBot, an open source chatbot developed by Facebook AI Research, by a post from @edemgold. But instead, I am eager to turn it into a Discord bot.

File .env:

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File words.json:

    "greeting": [
        "Hi", "Hai", "Yo", "Hey", "Heyyy", "Hello", "Hullo",
        "Halo", "Hola", "Howdy", "Hiya", "Ahoy", "Good to see ya",
        "Great to see you", "Nice to see you", "Hey, boo"
    "encouraging": [
        "Hang in there, {user}.",
        "Don't give up, {user}.",
        "Keep pushing, {user}.",
        "Keep fighting, {user}!",
        "Stay strong, {user}.",
        "Never give up, {user}.",
        "Come on, {user}! You can do it!",
        "Follow your dreams, {user}.",
        "Reach for the stars, {user}.",
        "Do the impossible, {user}.",
        "Believe in yourself, {user}.",
        "The sky is the limit, {user}.",
        "I'll support you either way, {user}.",
        "I'm behind you 100%, {user}."
    "naugthy": [
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import asyncio
import discord
import json
import os
import random
import re
from dotenv import load_dotenv
from discord.ext import commands
from discord_slash import SlashContext
from discord_slash import SlashCommand
from transformers import BlenderbotTokenizer
from transformers import BlenderbotForConditionalGeneration


client = commands.Bot(command_prefix='/')
slash = SlashCommand(client, sync_commands=True)  # TODO: migrate to newly discord built-in

tokenizer = BlenderbotTokenizer.from_pretrained('facebook/blenderbot-400M-distill')
converse_model = BlenderbotForConditionalGeneration.from_pretrained('facebook/blenderbot-400M-distill')

tag_finder = re.compile('\s*<.*?>\s*')
word_finder = re.compile('[^a-zA-Z\s]*')
duplicate_finder = re.compile(r"(.)\1{2,}", re.DOTALL)

with open('words.json', 'r') as f:
    words = json.loads(

async def on_ready():
    print(f'{client.user} has connected to Discord!')

@slash.slash(name='ping', description='PING!')
async def ping(context):
    await context.send('pong')

@slash.slash(name='me', description='Send a message to Naru.')
async def naru(context: SlashContext, message='Hello, Naru!'):
    print(f'{} says {message} to Naru')

    if message == 'Hello, Naru!':
        await context.send('You just say hello to Naru!')
        await context.send(f'Your message has been sent to Naru.')

    # TODO: send the message to me in DM

async def on_message(message):
    # Execute slash commands
    if message.content.startswith('/'):
        return await client.process_commands(message)

    # Do nothing if the message is from the bot itself
    if == client.user:

    # Do nothing if the message is from a bot

    # Simulate thinking delay
    await asyncio.sleep(30)

    response = []

    # Pre-process the message
    msg = message.content.lower()  # lowercase
    msg = re.sub(word_finder, '', msg)  # remove non-alphanumeric characters
    msg = duplicate_finder.sub(r"\1\1", msg)  # remove more than 2 duplicate letters

    # Ask the user to speak up
    if (msg.isspace() or msg == ''):
        response.append(f"{}, what weighs on your mind?")
        response.append(f"We can talk in DM if you want.")
        return await' '.join(response))

    # Log the user message
    if is not discord.ChannelType.private:
        print(f'{} says {msg}')

    # Warn the user if the message contains naughty words
    msg_words = msg.split()
    for naughty_word in words['naugthy']:
        if any(naughty_word == word for word in msg_words):
            response.append(f"Hey {}, don't talk badly!")
            response.append(f"Naru taught me to say nice things only.")
            return await' '.join(response))

    # Indicate the bot is typing
    async with

        # Respond to the greeting message
        if msg in [word.lower() for word in words['greeting']]:
            greeting_word = random.choice(words['greeting'])
            greeting_sentence = f'{greeting_word}, {}!'

        # Respond to the message
        msg_token = tokenizer(msg, return_tensors='pt')
        msg_reply = converse_model.generate(**msg_token)
        msg_reply = tokenizer.decode(msg_reply[0])
        msg_reply = re.sub(tag_finder, '', msg_reply)

        if response:
            # Send the response
            await' '.join(response))

            # Log the bot response
            if is not discord.ChannelType.private:
                print(f"Bot replies {' '.join(response)}")

# Run the bot'TOKEN'))
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Once the application is run by simply executing python, we can basically say anything to the bot. But the best part of it is bringing my own Discord server to life with discussions between bots while I work in the office!

Chat between bots

What a time to be alive!

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Awesome bot Naufan!

I'm glad you found my article helpful and I can't wait to try out your bot as well.

naruaika profile image
Naufan Rusyda Faikar

My pleasure to make credit to whom I learned something.