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Best way to improve your React code

Best way to improve your React code

Maintaining code quality is the biggest challenge for beginners. In today post we are going to talk about two best ways to improve your React code By using these two methods you will automatically learn about the best practices for your React code.

Ways to improve your React Code

I personally uses these two ways to improve my code in day to day life. The two methods are mentioned below

1. Using Eslint

eslint react

Eslint is the life saver for the React developers. It will find and fix problems in your JavaScript code. The Eslint have below features

  • ESLint statically analyzes your code to quickly find problems. ESLint is built into most text editors and you can run ESLint as part of your continuous integration pipeline.
  • Many problems ESLint finds can be automatically fixed. ESLint fixes are syntax-aware so you won’t experience errors introduced by traditional find-and-replace algorithms.
  • Preprocess code, use custom parsers, and write your own rules that work alongside ESLint’s built-in rules. You can customize ESLint to work exactly the way you need it for your project.


npm install eslint --save-dev

Setup Config

 npx eslint --init

After that you need to follow steps shown on your terminal. You can check this article for full details.

Vscode Extension

I strongly recommend using Eslint extension with your vscode to see the problems on your editor instead of terminal.

2. Using Deepscan

Best way to improve your React code

DeepScan focuses on finding runtime errors and quality issues rather than coding conventions. It is ideal for you if you are serious about JavaScript code quality.

DeepScan follows the execution and data flow of program in greater depth. This enables finding issues that syntax-based linters can’t.

Simply put: DeepScan is a cutting-edge static analysis tool for JavaScript code.

DeepScan classifies issues by 2 categories and 3-level impacts. So you can focus on major issues first and gradually.

Also noisy issues are aggressively suppressed and detailed guides are provided to let you simply know where the problem is.

  • Check your code in terms of error and code quality lint tools can’t detect
  • Minimize code reviews by automated inspection
  • Learn best practices for JavaScript
  • Catch mistakes before committing
  • Ensure code quality for the whole project
  • Keep up with project status and issues
  • Get the measure on the project
  • Increase confidence before code ships

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cjimenezber profile image

Deepscan is ridiculously expensive for small companies. In the free trial it definitely pulled it's weight and proved to be a really powerful tool. But $20 per user (even when it's just one project) is crazy expensive for our team.

sabbin profile image
Sabin Pandelovitch • Edited

Ways to improve your react code... Install vscode, not quite react improvement. Advices should not be ide related, if that's the case than add the info in the title. Hot to improve your react code with vscode

anilsansak profile image
Yaşar Anıl Sansak

DeepScan's vscode extension mentions that it will send the code to their server for inspection. It also states that the code that sent to the server will be deleted afterward. I would really like to try DeepScan, but I do not think that the company that I am working on would not let me share the code with a 3rd party tool.

narendersaini32 profile image
Narender Saini

I don't use the extension. I directly use there website.

dexygen profile image
George Jempty

rm -rf

avxkim profile image
Alexander Kim

haha, rm -rf * your whole codebase and give it to a Senior dev.