Signs it's time to leave your company

napolux profile image Francesco Napoletano ・1 min read

@catalinmpit asked this question yesterday on twitter...

This is an easy one, happened to me in 2019: you know it's time to move on when:

  1. You're no longer having fun
  2. You're not learning or applying anything new in your daily routine
  3. You have no mentors in the company
  4. You struggle for challenges, but challenges are not there anymore


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Definitively, 2. When you wake up and feel bad because you realized you have to go to that place


When managers go silent, the storm is coming. Get out first.


It's not only about managers. It's the entire company.


Yes true, at first it's not noticed, but later, it so silent it's painful.


I agree Francesco. Your four reasons have always been key indicators for me when it's time to move. Learning and growth (personal and professional) have always been important and I think if you end up as the big fish in the pond, you've got to decide if you want to stay that way or continue to grow by looking for a new pond.

Outside of obvious situations like toxic workplaces, you can overcome and endure some periods of what you mention, such as not having fun or not being able to apply something new. But if you've been trying for a while to fix your situation and nothing's budging then, again, it's time to look for a fresh start.


I'd suggest that some people can find some learning or fun in most anything for a while.

This does focus on when you are DONE with a job, but there is also a case of when another job comes up that is more interesting or offers you more benefit (however you define that personally)